Resonate 2013

Last week I went to the Resonate Festival, which was my first creative/tech conference outside of the UK. Resonate, is an annual new media event, now in it’s second year, held in Belgrade, Serbia. I first heard about Resonate after last year’s event which featured the likes of Jer Thorp, Niklas Roy, Josh Nimoy and […]

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The FT Xmas Tree

Last month, for our company Christmas card at Fantastic Thinking, we decided to have a go at tapping into the emerging realm of ‘the internet of things’. The basic premise was to invite people to open a physical, internet connected present to the tune of a traditional Christmas song, sung by one of a select […]

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Revisiting Processing

Over the last month or so, I’ve been busy experimenting the use of Processing, which is an open source programming language geared towards artists and creatives wanting to create visual and interactive work. I first looked looked into Processing during my MA in 2008 and at the time, being far less experienced with programming, I […]

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My Reasons to be Creative…

Last week I headed down to Brighton for the first Reasons to be Creative conference and had a brilliant time catching up with friends, discussing ideas and taking in what has been my annual fix of inspiration for the last few years. This new event effectively takes the place of Flash on the Beach, which […]

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Over the Jubilee weekend, we went to see Coldplay at the Emirates stadium. I saw them at Glastonbury 2011 and thought they put on a really good show so I was pretty keen to go again and it was a great gig. One of the highlights for me this time round however was finding out […]

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My first Arduino project…

Earlier this week, after a few months of experimenting, tinkering and blinking LED’s, I presented my first proper Arduino project to my colleagues at Fantastic Thinking. Having noticed that the BS button has recently become more popular in the office, I thought it seemed appropriate to create my own version, though one which could potentially […]

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