A few things that have caught my eye over the past 6 months or so…

With Twitter being a constant stream of interesting links, projects, articles and such, I find that it’s often hard to remember where I’ve seen things so I thought I’d post a load of links here which have particularly stood out for me over the last few months. There are probably several others that I have forgotten about which deserve a mention, but maybe I’ll make more of a habit to round up good links like this in future.


// UX/Interaction Design

Connecting –

‘Connecting’ is a really interesting short documentary on the future of interaction design, produced by Microsoft. It’s also worth checking out the work of Blaise Aguera y Arcas, who features in the doc, as he has a few videos on TED (http://www.ted.com/speakers/blaise_aguera_y_arcas.html) which present some really interesting concepts.

// Installations:

Rain Room –

The Rain Room is an installation currently hosted at the Barbican, London, it is possible to walk through a 100 square metres of rain without getting wet. Using 3D motion tracking and software controlled solenoids. Valves are switched on or off depending on your location in the room.

McLaren –

A promotional piece for McLaren based on the light painting technique which build visuals using tomography (A bit like MRI scanning). Essentially a screen mounted on a moving platform, displays cross sections of an overall image on the screen depending on it’s position – as the screen moves back and forth, a picture is generated. Check out the videos for a better grasp of how it works.

Hyundai/i40 –

A promotional piece for Hyundai, developed as a reveal for their, then forthcoming, new i40 Model – a studio rigged with lights can be controlled by users via a website, allowing them a sneak peak of the new design.

Cartier/Reach –

Cartier Reach is a really inspired project by Zigelbaum + Coelho, the team for which included Kyle McDonald, who’s work is also worth checking out – a window display in the NY 5th Avenue Cartier Store which make use of LIDAR motion tracking to allow users outside the shop to manipulate the display: http://zigelbaumcoelho.com/reach/ – there’s a demo video here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK9B0YxXOcE

Frucor/V Energy Drink –
Demo: http://vimeo.com/45417241 / Tech: http://www.custom-logic.com/blog/v-motion-project-the-instrument/

The V-Motion project is a promotion/marketing piece which makes use of Knect motion sensing, Abletone Live sound production software and OpenFrameworks to create a music mixing interface where tracks can be mixed and modulated via the use of gestures in a full body interface. The tech behind this is really well put together and there are some demos of how each ‘instrument’ within the interface has been created in the tech explanation.

// Interface Devices:

Leap Motion –
Site: https://www.leapmotion.com/ Demos: http://www.onformative.com/blog/ / http://roberthodgin.com/leap-motion-controller/

Leap is a new input device which uses motion sense technology to offer extremely accurate hand tracking. It picks up where the Kinect left off to provide a gestural input device for those wanting to make use of motion tracking in productivity applications, as well as in gaming. There’s great developer support for the Leap with APIs having already been developed for a number of platforms.

Myo –

Myo is a gestural input device which uses a combination of muscle activity and motion sensing to turn twitches and movements into useful input. This offers some really exciting possibilities and also tackles some of the current issues that exist with ‘arms in the air’ style motion tracking, which would inevitable lead to limb fatigue. It’ll be interesting to see how responsive and comfortable the Myo is to use. There’s also mentions of an API which will hopefully allow developers to come up with some interesting uses.

// Internet of things:

Spotify Box –

This is a really nice demo of a real world product being developed to allow an internet service to be made more tactile. As part of a degree project, Jordi Parra and team have developed a physical device which incorporates features like the ability to share music via the use of RFID tags which can be loaded with links, and then passed around as a method of sharing digital music in the real world. A really nice concept which would make internet services more accessible and appealing to those without the desire to use computers.

// Game Design:

The Drowning –

The drowning is a new FPS that has been developed specifically with touch devices in mind – this video demonstrates how the developers at Scattered Entertainment came up with a much more innovative approach to game control which allows the player to use only two fingers play the game with all of the normal gameplay moves that features in traditional FPS games.

The Unfinished Swan –

A really interesting concept for a game on the PS3 where the world around you isn’t visible until you paint it to reveal surroundings and obstacles. Just a really nice, playful, simple concept!

Tearaway –

Tearaway is a great game by Media Molecule which incorporates a lot of different forms of user interaction, culminating in a really immersive game where the player can engage with characters by putting real world objects and patterns into the game – a really interesting game to look at for inspiration beyond the use of standard game controls.

// Conferences:


Eyeo is a tech festival, in Minneapolis, running 5th – 8th June. It’s similar to Resonate and features speakers talking about technology, design, coding and art. Speakers to look out for at Eyeo include: Again, Memo Akten, Golan Levin, Kyle McDonald, Karsten Schmidt and Casey Reas, also: Ben Fry, Zach Lieberman and Jer Thorp.


Resonate is a tech conference in Serbia Belgrade running 21st-23rd March. It features a broad combination of tech and art based presenters in a series of workshops, lectures, screenings and performances. Notable speakers, for me personally, include Golan Levin, Kyle McDonald, Joachim Sauter, Karsten Schmidt, Andreas Muller, Memo Akten and Casey Reas, among others.

I’ll actually be attending Resonate so I’ll do a write up at some point, after I get back. Really looking forward to it!


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