Draft Final Project Proposals

Proposal A

Interactive Installation

Development of a large scale interactive installation for implementation within a foyer or reception area, for the purpose of entertainment and atmospheric enhancement.
The main objective for the installation will be to provide ambient sound and visuals which users will be able to interact with by touching and manipulating the projected graphics.
The interactive installation could also serve as a narrative device to compliment users’ movements through a space, almost as a way of ‘scoring’ their visit in an attempt to accentuate entrance, or the beginning of the user’s experience of an environment, and exit, or ending of the user’s experience of an environment.

Interactive installations such as greyworld’s ‘The Source’ at the London Stock Exchange help to enhance the atmosphere by creating displaying messages, information and patterns by moving and array of lit spheres up and down a series of wires.
Installations like this help to make bland spaces more interesting and can enhance the experience of being within an environment. By using sound, as well as visuals, I am interesting in trying to add structure to a person’s visit to a place by looking at ways of signifying their entrance, experience and exit of a space with audio and visual enhancements.

Key features:
Within the installation I believe that the following features will be important to the development of a solution:

– Strict definition of a space and how it is used – enabling me to identify what sort of space might benefit from this sort of interactive installation.
– Research and development of appropriate graphics and audio for the chosen space, which effectively accentuate different points of a users experience.
– Develop sound and graphics which enhance a space, but don’t overpower or distract.

greyworld’s ‘The Source’ installation
Digit’s Motorola ‘Motoglyph’

Proposal B

Music Composition Rich Internet Application

Develop a rich internet application (RIA) which allows users to compose electronic music tracks using an abstract interface which deviates from that of traditional sequencer based music composition programmes.

Current music making applications vary greatly in a number of areas, most notably in terms of their functionality and the basic level of skill required to operate them. Examples such as the entry level ‘ejay’ range of music making programmes allow users to make musical compositions using a range of different samples and loops within a sequence based interface where a timeline with several layers can be used to build up tracks of sound. More advanced programmes such as SoundForge and ProTools also allow users to use virtual instruments synthesisers and modulator plugins known as VST tools which allow additional functionality beyond the scope of the programme. These more advanced systems do however carry a significant cost which may make them inaccessible to casual users. In addition to this, the interface used within these sorts of applications may also deter casual users from trying them, certainly in the case of the more expensive systems which often emulate the look and functionality of actual physical sound production tools as a means of making the software more accessible to current users of sound production hardware.
An interface which appears less technical and which encourages more playful manipulation of sound and music composition may encourage more people to try out electronic music composition.

Key features:
– A strong focus on interface design which guides the user through the control and composition of tracks.
– The option for the user to choose from different sound sets, or by uploading their own sound samples.
– Different modes to allow the user to either compose and keep their tracks, or a free play option which allows the user to experiment and try out different ways of manipulating sound within a continuous track.
– The ability to create custom loops by arranging sound samples in a sequence, or by tapping the rhythm at which a sample will play within a set duration

Hobnox audio tool


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