Exploratory Project Progress

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working hard at defining my area of research…through enquiries into many different areas, I’ve now changed direction slightly to look at ways of attracting and maintaining audience attention using sound in interactive websites and interactive experiences. I arrived at this decision after realising that, in some respects, I had already made too many decisions about the actual ‘making’ aspect of my MA. I’m also more interested in focusing on the interactive aspect of my research as it is an area I am most keen to work with. I certainly feel as though the last few weeks have really tested many aspects of my ability, confidence and character and I’ve really reached a turning point with regards to future progression where I’m now more wise to the things that can affect how I work.

One of the most useful areas that I have been studying over the last few weeks is that of research methods. Through work on my research methods paper, I have been looking at philosophies, methodologies and data collection techniques in order to gain a better understanding of the ways in which I can conduct research to better inform my work. In particular, I have been looking into the use of visual research methods such as content and semiotic analysis, I am also considering the use of a focus group style research activity in order to gain more information about the personal responses that people have to interactive experiences. From work with my theoretical discourse paper I have been investigating the use of semiotic analysis to find out more about the part that composition plays in conveying a message.

In terms of my objectives for my exploratory project, I am looking to produce a series of interactive experiments to demonstrate the relationship between sound and image. Though these I will able to test different combinations of sound and image interaction to see what combinations are most effective.


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