:s haven’t posted for while, been quite busy with various things…

I spent a fair bit of time last week helping out with the Home Interaction Symposium – this is an event that I got involved with on an organisational level, and really just out of curiosity.

The actual event itself was really interesting, it essentially covered the different areas of research being carried out by the Home Interaction Research Cluster at UCCA. Research ranged from studies into how people interact with their home environment, how they choose to build, furnish and automate their homes, how everyday objects can be reconfigured or tinkered with in order to prolong lifespan or reassign use…the list goes on!

I think the most interesting things for me was to see how research is carried out and discussed at Doctorate/Post-Doctorate level and also to learn about how theories, that I often use and refer to in my work, are developed.

Also, over the last week or so, I’ve been really investigating the possibilities with my research interests…I’ve actually found this really challenging. I seem to have gone from not really being sure about what I want to research, to having several ideas, from which, I’m finding it extremely hard to choose a single area of study – I think it’s fair to say that there’s a great deal of cross over between all of the ideas, and ultimately, I’ll be able to incorporate features of each within my final choice…it’s just committing to that final choice which is going to be tough.

One of the most exciting things for me about the whole process of refining my research interests is being able to talk to people about them and get feedback in terms of the implications of each idea…

Still though…I really want to have it cracked by the end of the week, the sooner I can get with researching and working my exploratory project the better!


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