Exploratory Project: Project Proposal

In terms of my project proposal for work to be completed from now until January, here’s what I’ve come up with: The rough idea: How can sound/musical composition be interpreted in graphic form? Thematic content: 1) Consider basic graphic forms and compositional factors such as shape colour, position, rotation, opacity and contrast and relate them […]

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Theoretical Discourse Paper

I can’t decide whether or not what I’m planning to discuss in my paper is an already over subscribed debate but I thought I might look at the role of the consumer in relation to everyday design – with particular regard to public perceptions, influence, ownership…or a title to that effect. I think this idea […]

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Research Interests

Having thought about the areas that I’m interested in, I’ve been developing ideas for my specific research interest which I’ll work on for the duration of my MA. This has been real challenge – essentially what we are trying to do by way of MA study is identify a problem and then develop a solution […]

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