From concept to final product: ‘TriType’

I spent the majority of this week re-drawing my triangle character designs in Illustrator – from here I was able to work within specific parameters in terms of the shape, size, colour etc and lay out each character to create the finished letraset sheet. Being the perfectionist that I seem to be at times, this took ages. It wasn’t too bad though, once I created some of the characters, I was able to use the basic shapes and copy, paste and modify the lines to suit some of the other characters. It was also a really appropriate project for illustrator and gave me a chance to re-educate myself a little with the tools in Illustrator – I haven’t used it for a while!

The other aspect of this project that I worked on to produce the final piece was the idea of the letraset layout. I had a flick through all of the letraset sheets that I’ve managed to get hold of whilst researching for the project to look at the different distinguishing markings and layout graphics. I then copied these into place on my design – I also set up the canvas to the ‘official standard size’ – just smaller than A3 – this was also handy for printing purposes as I was able to print the final sheet out with crop marks and cut it down to size to achieve a really neat end product.

See below for the finished product along with an actual letraset sheet for comparison…

My Version:

The Original:

I’ll definitely be looking to develop this further in future – I think, based on the amount of time I had left for the project, a few of the characters were rushed or ‘settled for’…I’ll make it a project to come back to…if I get it to a stage were I really like, maybe I’ll try to get it made up as real letraset!


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