Triangle Typeface/My first videoblog attempt…

The triangle typeface is going fairly well:

I’ve used a equilateral triangles with 2cm sides as the basic shape for each letter and I’ve added smaller triangles (about 5mm sides) and cuts into each shape to define the characteristics of each letter.

Also, in response to our Research and Comms’ lecture on Tuesday, I thought I’d have a go at a (sort of) video blog. I recorded part of the drawing process over about 3 hours or so, using the time-lapse tool in ‘On Location’ – think I’ll play around with this a bit more in future to see what else I can come up with.

A bit of experimentation there as well : s still need to work out some of the controls…

The next step on the Triangle/Typeface project will be to re-draw the characters in Illustrator and then present them in the final piece, which will be in the form of a sheet of letraset, as described below…


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