Lauching words across the internet

I’ve been looking at typography over the last few days – it’s an area that I’ve always been interested in, but I’ve never really considered the background of individual typefaces in much detail – so I thought I’d have a look at one of my preferred: Trebuchet.

The Trebuchet typeface was created by Vincent Connare for Microsoft, intended for web/digital design – it features in Internet Explorer among other Microsoft Office Packages. It looks fairly standard as typeface’s go but it’s got a ‘smart-casual’ feel to it that I really like. There are also a few odd little quirks in some of the glyphs which define it, just enough, from other similar typefaces.
Why the typeface ‘Trebuchet’ is called ‘Trebuchet’? – (find it in the last paragraph) I particularly like the idea of “launching words across the internet” – it’s an interesting way of thinking.

Vincent Connare – designer of the Trebuchet typeface – he’s had some really impressive achievements in his career – who else could say: pretty much, the whole world, see and rely on my work everyday? – though I suppose, in all fairness, not everyone would have made the effort to find out : s

Ian Swift – another notable typographer, he’s produced some really interesting work, ranging from contemporary typeface designs (‘Gunshot’, ‘Dolce Vita’ and ‘Bad Eggs’ are among the best), magazine covers, record sleeves and more recently, motion graphics – he also did the titles for ‘Peep Show’! – again, an impressive CV…

Make your own typeface:

I’m thinking that I should get out of the habit writing essays everytime I post.


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