My first two weeks…

Despite spending a vast amount of time spent; waiting around/being confused/being lost/killing time/etc, my first two weeks as a MA student at Farnham have been really interesting.

I had certain expectations about the sorts of people that I thought I would be working with on my course – based on previous experiences, and maybe some stereotypes, I genuinely thought that I would be working with around 10 other me’s or people with similar backgrounds and interests, I also expected that I would be working predominantly with males.

– As it happens, I was completely wrong. I am, in fact, in a group of 6/7 in which I am the only male, and the only English person!…I don’t think I could have asked for a more interesting and diverse group in which to study!

For our first project as MA students, the whole MA group has been divided up into small groups and assigned a ‘get you started’ task in which, as part of a research group spanning all MA disciplines – graphics, craft, fine art, design management, interior design etc, we have to present a final piece of some sort which represents our initial impressions of Farnham and the UCCA college – our blog for this project can be found here. This project has proved to be challenging as we all work with different mediums – it has certainly made me be more considerate and appreciative of creative disciplines which I maybe haven’t thoroughly considered before.

As the second week unfolded, we developed an idea for our project which involved us going out to interview the populace of Farnham to see what impression they had of us – almost turning the brief on it’s head to test both, the way in which we felt we were being perceived – and the way in which the people of Farnham actually felt about us – culminating in a video which would help us to gain an understanding of the harmony (if any) between Farnham and the UCCA students.

Towards the end of the second week, we also met with our lecturers for the Graphic Communications MA course to discuss the way forward for our specific interests.

In ways it’s been quite challenging to know exactly what I should be doing and when, although I suppose a great deal of this is down to working out transition from BSc to MA…I’m sure I’ll work out eventually!

Above all, I’m really looking forward to getting on with our projects to get back into the creative ‘swing’ of things.


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